Acquisition Management

Acquisition Management Services

Challenge: In an environment of shrinking budgets and increasing demand for streamlined and optimized acquisition solutions, civilian and defense agencies must ensure speed of acquisition without compromising accuracy of requirements, thoroughness of market research, and cost competition.
acquisition managment services
Solution: A cradle-to-grave acquisition management solution where government staff and contractors work together toward shared objectives. This begins with assembling a team of highly qualified acquisition professionals with proven federal government contracting experience.

Our acquisition experts understand the requirements, priorities, processes, and governance to successfully support any acquisition program. Whether you are evaluating shared services or strategic sourcing options our acquisition experts can carefully evaluate the most relevant alternatives and provide courses of action and recommendations for the most efficient and effective acquisition solutions.
Benefits: The impact of acquisition management on organizational performance goes well beyond cost savings. Done right - with efficient operating models empowered by digital analytics - it can drive innovation, quality, sustainability, speed, reduce risk, and facilitate resilient supply chains.

USFS acquisition experts facilitate maximum and effective use of competitive market forces to achieve optimization of price, quality, features, speed of technological improvement, service levels, and product support – all while reducing procurement acquisition lead times and minimizing protests.

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