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Challenge:  Increasing complexity, speed of change, and service demands on federal agencies are expanding rapidly with no end in sight.  Historically, the public sector has been in reactive mode – struggling to adapt.  Agencies at all levels must improve operations so that they can solve problems in new ways and regain the public’s trust.

administrative and support services
Solution: USFS provides a holistic approach to technical and administrative support where government staff and contractors work together toward shared objectives. Our technical and administrative staff help plan, direct, and coordinate activities that help organizations run more efficiently and effectively. Our responsibilities include helping customers maintain facilities and execute activities that include recordkeeping, task management tracking, executive support, travel and transportation support, as well as office management.

Our experts provide day-to-day technical and administrative support to all levels of government located throughout the continental United States. Our staff excel at preparing documents, creating briefings and reports, assisting VIPs and visitors, time and attendance support, and scheduling and organizing meetings.
Benefits: Allowing government staff to confidently delegate time consuming, yet important, technical and administrative tasks knowing they will be completed correctly and on time. This allows agency executives, managers, and stakeholders to focus on higher value-added tasks that directly support critical objectives while day-to-day operations run smoothly and effectively.

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