USFS adds MG(R) David Gust to Board

MG(R) Gust brings his significant experience and support to USFS.

U.S. Federal Solutions, Inc. (USFS) is pleased to announce the addition of MG(R) David R. Gust to our Board of Advisors.

Major General (Retired) David R. Gust served thirty-four years of active duty, transitioning from the Army on October 31, 2000 to become President and CEO of Technical and Management Services Company (TAMSCO). He participated in growing TAMSCO and preparing for its acquisition. After TAMSCO was sold to Engineered Support Systems, Inc. (ESSI), he remained there for another eighteen months to help with the integration of TAMSCO into the publicly-held company.  Major General Gust’s next work experience was with Bechtel Federal, Inc. where he served as the Director, Federal Telecoms.  During that time, Bechtel Federal won a prime contract called Installation Modernization (IMOD) from the Army’s PEO-Enterprise Information Systems (PEO-EIS).  He remained at Bechtel twenty-eight months.  General Gust then joined the small business company USfalcon as the President.  USfalcon had won a prime contract from the Army called Strategic Services Sourcing (S3).  He helped grow its revenue four-fold on this ID/IQ contract from $19 M to $89 M while there twenty-five months.

General Gust then formed his own Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2009. He transitioned to becoming a full-time consultant to other defense contractors.  His expertise is Communications, Information Technology, Radar Systems, Intelligence and Electronic Warfare and Services work, particularly with the US Army at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD and Ft Belvoir, VA.  He supported Boeing and Northrop Grumman on separate bids on the Army’s EMARSS aircraft sensor program with FLIR, SIGINT and SAR Radar sensors.

General Gust had over twenty-two years of experience as a Certified Acquisition Manager while in the Army, with executive experience as Product Manager, MICNS Data Link aboard the Aquila Remotely Piloted Vehicle and Project Manager, Mobile Subscriber Equipment.  After being promoted to Flag rank, he served as Program Executive Officer - Communications Systems, and Program Executive Officer - Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors.  His last PEO accomplishment was the Source Selection Advisory Chairman for the Army’s Shadow 200 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle contract award. The Leaders, Managers and Associates of USFS welcome General Gust’s breadth, wealth and depth of knowledge/experience.  This is particularly important as we are poised for exponential growth in the immediate and intermediate future.

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